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The Depths of My Soul

Fading into infinite darkness...

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My accursed name is Syrius, and this is my insignificant journal... I am a supporter of conflicted characters, tragic couples, and unrequited romances of all kinds. They just... speak to my soul, somehow. I do not know if I can say anything more that is worthy of note, so now I shall mind my own business...

I am melancholic by nature and have a terrible self-harm habit, so I apologise in advance for that... I am trying to get better, I assure you. Only time will tell if I ever truly recover from my depression, however...

[Not a real journal; sockpuppet for the War Comms!]

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admiring joe, angst, anime, antiheroes, bad luck in love, being apologetic, being depressed, being discreet, being effeminate, being emo, being insecure, being overly polite, being paranoid, being passive, being scared of trisha, being serious, being surprisingly mature, bisexual, bishoujo, bishounen, blood, bloody stories, conflicted characters, crossdressing, crying, cutting, darkfic, darkness, depressing things, depth, drawing, dyeing my hair, ellipses abuse, eloquent language, esmeralda is narrow-minded, evanescence, failed relationships, fucked-up characters, gore, goth metal, gothicism, hating harry potter, hating my ex-boyfriend, hating my name, hating my parents, hating myself, having horrible luck, het, hoping missy dies, horror, ignoring gordon, ignoring the haters, illfated romances, intelligent discussion, julia, knives, lack of enthusiasm, leaning on julia's shoulder, legitimate problems, looking like a girl, looking up to maxie, low self-esteem, lucy is delusional, manga, maya, miniskirts, molly, morbid thoughts, not gary-stus, not mary-sues, painting, patrick is nauseating, poetry, psychiatrists, quill pens, razor blades, sad things, scars, self harm, shaving my legs, single emo tear, speak to my soul, stockings, subtext, suicide notes, sympathising with molly, the occult, therapy, tight leather pants, tragedy, tragic characters, tragic couples, trauma, traumatic pasts, typing properly, unrequited love, video games, villains, wearing black, weeping, writing, yaoi, yuri
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